Fairy lights / String lighting – indoor and outdoor use

Fairy lights or string lights are ideal for adding a romantic feel to your venue. The strings can be wrapped around columns, draped over beams or used to created a ceiling canopy adding ambiance to your day.

The soft glow from the strings of fairy lights will add a classic and elegant warmth to your venue. The soft light is an ideal compliment to any venue, whether a rustic barn or contemporary space, adding glitter and sparkle without overpowering.

Fairy lights are one of the most versatile indoor lighting options available, used to cascade down walls, highlight bannisters or columns, lower a ceiling height in a canopy to create coziness. Outdoors they can be used to create pathways to gently guide your guests from space to space, define an edge or border, or how about decorating trees and buildings. A simple doorway becomes a magical entrance with a little fairy light around it.

As with all our other services we can deliver and install for you direct from our warehouse. All our lights are tested and checked before despatch to ensure they arrive to you in fantastic condition.

Wedding aisle, pink ribbon fairy light canopy - The West Mill, Derby

Our fairy lights are safe for use outdoors, as can be seen in the image to right. We installed the fairy lights along the decking banister outside the coachhouse marquee at Shottle Hall.

Indoors the string lights are perfect for adding to and complimenting other decor items. On the left we see a simple but very effective installation of string lights and coloured ribbons. This was installed in the top floor at The West Mill, an area usually used for wedding ceremonies. The long lines of ribbons and string lights perfectly compliments the wedding aisle and our white carpet.

Fairy lights - Shottle Hall

Our string lights can make a perfect addition to your wedding venue or outdoor space.

For pricing, there are just too many variables to consider to be able to publish a price here. The main factors to consider are: the amount of fairy lights needed depending on the size of the area and density of lights, the height we will be working at, as well as time taken to install and if any other decor items are required.

We usually suggest a site meeting with you at your venue so we can fully discuss and understand the look and feel you wish to achieve. Once we fully understand the design requirements we can work out install times & access requirements and quote accordingly.

Get in touch using the contact button below or call on 01283 530980 to discuss your requirements and arrange a planning meeting.