Festoon lighting – Indoor or outdoor use.

Popular for both indoors and out, our festoon lighting feature a selection of bulb sizes from the vintage large globe bulb to the smaller golf ball size. All our festoon lighting options feature bags of character and suit a huge range of wedding styles. Festoon lighting is a popular choice for many weddings and events, as well as gardens and grounds in need of light and character. Whether you’re throwing a party or want to add something special to your outdoor space, our collection of beautiful festoon lights really does have something for everyone, and why not combine yours with some outdoor fairy lights or garden lanterns? The festoons are perfect for lining a pathway to create a romantic walk, or perhaps to define the boundary of your event space. Or maybe you just require some subtle outdoor lighting?

Festoon lighting has traditionally been used outdoors, but are is increasingly popular interior design tool for the modern wedding couple. Indoors, festoon lights look particularly effective against exposed brick, draped across beams in barn settings and in modern venues alongside things like light boxes, though they can of course be used in more traditional environments too.

All our festoons are perfect for indoor use and are safe to use outdoors too.

We stock a number of festoon options in our warehouse. A selection of cables with a variety of distances between hanging bulbs allow us to control the light level and ambiance from the festoon. A shorter distance produces more light output.

We also stock a number of bulb options, from low level golf ball lamps to vintage globes with gold tinted glass.

We can created the look and feel you require for your events by selecting the correct choices with you. Contact us to arrange a site meeting to discuss your requirements.

Our latest vintage style festoon on short drop festoon belt. Perfect for the vintage or industrial look.

As we struck a large variety of different styles and options it is difficult to supply a price online. we usually arrange aside visit to your venue with you to fully discuss the look and feel you wish to create. Once we have designed your lighting package we will sent you a quote with a full breakdown for your approval.

Get in touch using the contact button below or call on 01283 530980 to discuss your requirements and arrange a planning meeting.