These giant 5ft tall illuminated LOVE letters are still one of our most popular hire items. They are bound to make a statement at your wedding.

Our LOVE letters are built and maintained in our onsite workshop, so they always look fabulous when they are sent out on hires. The LOVE is built to be 5ft (150cm) tall and 2ft7” (780cm) wide. The LOVE letters are built to the same pattern and specification ensuring that they always look great together.

Our illuminated LOVE letters use low voltage LED lamps. The LED lamps do not generate heat and only require 24v to operate. We’ve found this to be the safest system available without compromising on quality. If you are expecting younger guests at your event you can rest assured that they are safe to explore our letters.

Connecting the LOVE letters together is a simple low voltage power cable, we’ve also built them to be light weight enough to be moved from one area to another. We often set up the LOVE letters in the drinks reception area, with venue staff moving the letters later in the day for the evening reception. We can supply a moving trolley to aid the staff in this and will show them how to reconnect the letters to the power supply.

The LOVE letters are available in a pure white tough coat paint finish or we have a set of LOVE letters available in a bare wood finish for a more rustic look.


We struggled for a long time to find a manufacturer of the LOVE letters that would meet our high standards and expectations. Unfortunately we found that many were home made and thrown together with poor construction techniques, definitely not up to the rigours of regular transport!  The only answer was to build the LOVE letters ourselves. Not only are we very proud of the hard work we have put into creating the LOVE, we are confident that you will be delighted with the great look we have achieved.

We have invested a lot of time and effort into all the products that we use to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. With that in mind we stock only the hire items that we feel offer our clients the highest level of reliability.


The letters use low voltage, low heat, LED lamps.

Not only does this mean every lamp looks great, there is no heat and absolutely no chance of younger guests harming themselves on the lamps.

The letters are powered by a 24v system which plugs directly into the wall socket. We can provide electrical safety certificates to your venue should they require it.

What we do

Our letter hire service includes:

Sizes to adapt to any venue.
An optional planning meeting at your venue to get all the details right.
PLI Insurance.
Professional, trained employees.
Health & Safety adhered to at all times.
Confirmed booking in writing.
Contract with every hire.

We are confident our giant 5ft tall LOVE letters will look stunning in any venue.

Here we see them used at Woolaton Hall alongside our venue uplighting and gobo projection to achieve a magical look.

Our white giant LOVE letters are available to hire starting from £127.50 +vat excluding delivery. Prices will vary according to delivery distance. Please contact us with your requirements including venue location.

As an example price, full day hire of the LOVE letters including local delivery and vat comes to £225.00

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