Venue Lighting / Mood Lighting

At Distinct Events we use the latest in venue lighting technology to bring you stunning results and beautiful colours. Using LED technology and a simple process of mixing red, green, blue, amber and white light, we can create thousands of different colours and hues to match the room lighting to your chosen theme. There are a wealth of  venue lighting design options available using these versatile lighting units. We can set all the lighting units to the same colour so as to produce one single colour wash throughout the room, or perhaps you would prefer alternating colours, or even each unit set to an individuall colour to produce a random assortment. We can create virtually any effect you like, just let us know your preference!

In a marquee you can replace standard white halogen lighting, with rich, vibrant colours produced from our LED fixtures and with our high output units the colours are visible in daylight too.

As well as industry standard LED par cans which produce the cone shape of light we also stock the an assortment of LED battens. These produce a much wider wash of light to easily colour a whole venue. These are around 1 metre long and are perfect for lighting a wider area. Perfect for when you wish to wash a wall in colour or if space is limited.

Our venue lighting service perfectly complements our venue draping option, a combination that together will transform your venue!

All our lighting options are easily integrated with each other using DMX control which offers a way of controlling the colour and intensity of each unit either individually or as part of a whole show. When booked together with an operator for the evening, they’ll have full control over all the colours and patterns available and will be able to produce a lighting experience to enhance your event. Our lights are safe to use around guests of all ages, they do not get hot and consume very little power, making them ideal and affordable for your upcoming event.


We have invested a lot of time and effort into sourcing and testing all the products that we use to make sure your wedding goes to plan. With that in mind we stock only the hire items that we feel offer our clients the highest level of reliability.

All our LED mood lighting stock is supplied by industry standard branded manufacturers such as Lanta, ADJ, Chauvet, etc. We do not use unbranded Chinese imports as we feel their reliability, safety and build quality does not meet our stringent standards.


All our electrical equipment is tested for safety on a regular basis.

A PAT certificate to confirm this, as well as our insurance information, are both available for your venue to inspect should they require it. Please let us know if this is the case and we will happily send all the information through to your venue contact for you.

What we do

Our mood lighting service includes:

Various lighting options suited to adapt to any venue.
An optional planning meeting at your venue to get all the details right.
PLI Insurance.
Professional, trained employees.
Health & Safety adhered to at all times.
Confirmed booking in writing.
Contract with every event.

Uplighting - The Riding School, Calke Abbey
Starlight backdrop, uplighting - the Riding School, Calke Abbey

LED venue lighting can be used to transform the overall colour and fell of your venue, or be used to highlight certain details and features.

With a variety of different venue lighting fixtures at our disposal we can ensure that your venue will look stunning!

white starlight wedding aisle

Our mood lighting is available to hire for your event. Prices will vary according to number required and delivery distance. Please contact us with your requirements including venue size.