Photo booths are a modern upgrade on the old passport photo booths you see in places like post offices and train stations. The old style camera and chemical processes have been replaced with digital technology and there is no waiting around for ages thanks to the highest quality photo printer. The prints are produced by the same type of printer used in high street photo stores, so will produce a 4″ x 6″ print in around 15 seconds. The prints are instantly dry and thanks to a laminate layer will resist smudging from wet fingers. In fact the photos are of such quality they are estimated by the manufacturer to last for over 50 years.

The booths are almost fully automated, decide on your poses then simply touch a choice on the screen to start. As there is no photographer involved your guests will relax and inhibitions will melt away. We even have a selection of props such as hats, wigs, boas and glasses to really encourage the fun. The digital system works very fast so your guest’s photos are ready once they exit the booth.

We have a huge choice of  layout designs and you can even add a logo, a message, or choose a theme! We print two copies of the printout, one for your guests to keep and the second for your photo guestbook book. Including prints in your guests book alongside their messages creates a unique and lasting memento of your wedding.

At the end of the hire period a digital file containing all the photos taken, including the collages, is sent to the bride and groom. Where suitable, the images are also uploaded to a secure web-page within 48 hours. Each gallery can be password protected so only accessible by guests at the party. The photos are then available for guests to download for at least 3 months after the event.

Take a look at our selection of photo booths below, click the pictures to see prices and find out what’s included.