Our white pleated drapes are a superb way of transforming your wedding venue. They can be used to simply alter the appearance of a particular area such as a wall behind the top table or give fresh look to a whole room.

Using our white pleated drapes we are able to drape up to 4m high, which in our experience is more than enough for most venues. A typical draping hire will involve us draping an entire venue or room, transforming it from an ordinary function suite or conference room to meet our brides needs. Using our selection of drapes which range from a light voile to a fairly thick lined drape, we can successfully hide any paintings, garish curtains or service passages. Drapes can also be installed over doors by using a valence which we can match to the size of the venue’s entrances.

We use a very venue friendly installation method whereby our drapes are installed using our specialist and discreet pipe and base system. This allows the drapes to be free standing yet still be very secure. By using this pipe and base system we do not need to attach anything to the wall or ceilings of your chosen venue.

Once the white pleated drapes have been installed by our smartly dressed installation team they are steamed to remove creases, after this we can then add  options such as fairy lights or mood lighting to wash your venue in your chosen colour.


As ever, the white pleated drapes and the pipe & base support system in our stock is amongst the best the industry has to offer. We have invested a lot of time and effort into researching all the products that we use to make sure your wedding goes without a hitch. With that in mind we stock only the hire items that we feel offer our clients the highest level of reliability.

The white pleated drapes are manufactured here in the UK to excellent standards. Unlike cheaper imported materials our drops confirm to all the necessary safety standards.  The drapes are installed by our highly trained staff team and with backup equipment as standard we are sure you will not be disappointed.


Our white pleated drapes are a premium product manufactured here in the UK by a highly respected manufacturer.

The drapes themselves are inherently fire resistant with documents available for your venue should they be required. The pipe and base support system we use is imported from a US based manufacture as it is regarded as the best and safest available in the industry.

What we do

Our draping service includes:

  • Various size drapes to adapt to any venue size and shape.
  • All drapes washed and inspected prior to delivery.
  • All drapes seemed to remove creases once installed.
  • An optional planning meeting at your venue to get the look you want right.
  • PLI Insurance.
  • Professional, trained employees.
  • Health & Safety adhered to at all times.
  • Confirmed booking in writing.
  • Contract with every booking.

Here we used white drapes to hide the venue’s conference room look and as a blank background for the pink uplighting.

This typical village hall, complete with artwork by the playgroup – notice boards and all the other wall adornments, was transformed completely by draping the walls and adding some fairy lights to the beams. Many local residents commented that they did not recognise the place!